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Consolidated Box was incorporated in 1978 to be a premier Jacksonville box company.  Our original idea was to distribute corrugated packaging supplies to the Greater Jacksonville area.  Our mission soon evolved into, "Providing you with the flexibility to fill your orders for all sizes of packaging needs and to consistently provide you with a superior product, outstanding customer service, and the quickest turnaround in the industry. "

Early in the 1990’s the company recognized the appeal to the customers of a dependable predictable source of supply.  The corrugated packaging industry had always been one driven by production requirements.  Consolidated Box management recognized then the requirements of the supplier had very little to do with the needs of the customer. 

Our customers have a constant expanding and evolving packaging requirement; so we are always ready to provide innovative ways to quickly meet their needs.  Since then we offer a wide range of packaging solutions and services, such as: custom boxes, our own designer with over 30 years of experience, stocking programs, and 100% on time delivery.  Simply put, customers can now choose the speed of delivery.  This could be accomplished because we, at Consolidated Box, have actively pursued the theory of “over capacity”.
Overcapacity allows us to produce product in a more time sensitive manner and gives us the ability to stock boxes.  Therefore a greater part of the value we bring to our customers is that all orders processed through our system are a “priority” and are produced “as needed”.  While our product can be viewed as a commodity we bring value through availability for all sizes and styles of corrugated packaging.  Consolidated Box’s new concept is the key to all of your packaging needs. 



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